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The Prime Oil Trading Pte. Ltd. is a petroleum trading entity and traded commodities are principally related to the petroleum industry and range from Base oil, intermediate or blending stocks to finished products like Gasoil, and Fuel oil, ready for consumer use.

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We offer an extensive range of high quality base oil and specialty products.


We provide the following services:
* Oil Trading Operation
* Support Services & Documentation


We are a quality conscious company. We provide high importance to qualitative aspects...


To be environmentally responsible and deliver value in our products & services and achieve highest standards through our committed team.
Protecting Environment
High Performance

Why should you deal with us
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional services
  • High standard quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Wide range of products
  • Responsibility

    We have a track record of on time deliveries and innovative solutions. Our services and suggestions are accepted and adopted on an industry-wide level. Our mindset for innovation and sustainability offers us a tremendous advantageous position, not only as a competitive industry collaborator, but also as an ideal employer.


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