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The Prime Oil Trading Pte. Ltd. is a petroleum trading entity and traded commodities are principally related to the petroleum industry and range from Base oil, intermediate or blending stocks to finished products like Gasoil, and Fuel oil, ready for consumer use.

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Our Products

We offer an extensive range of high quality baseoil and specialty products, which are flexibly and continuously adapted to the ever-increasing market requirements.

Base oil

The importation of Base oils is an emerging but important part of the company’s business.

Fuel oils

Trading in this product represents a substantial part of the company’s export business and the Fuel oil team of the company has over time excelled in bridging the demand and supply gaps of the product in Middle East..


Prime Oil has been trading internationally in the supply of gasoline. Sourcing gasoline from Europe, the Mediterranean to supply to Middle East and many other international companies from other countries.


Prime Oil is one of the largest importers of bitumen in SE Asia and it exports to various parts of SE Asia & Middle East.

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